Athletic MindWorks Builds Champions


Athletic MindWorks was developed by world class athletes for world class athletes. Our mission is to drive others to the top of their performance levels!


Developing a winner’s mindset requires an in depth knowledge of what it means to be a champion. A textbook can only get you so far...the only way to learn the secrets of peak mental toughness and focus is to seek help from those who have actually achieved it!


A Simple Formula for Elite Results


Athletic MindWorks provides athletes with a structured mental training program that empowers them to overcome adversity, conquer fears, control anxiety and ultimately compete “in the zone”. Our methodologies are easy to understand and put into action. We train you to connect the dots between your physical and mental performance so you can push past mental limitations and ultimately achieve the elite physical performance that was always just beyond your reach.  

Athletic Mindworks Founder:

John McMahon has been delivering Peak Performance workshops and seminars for over 2 decades. As a personal coach, John has inspired and motivated countless individuals to achieve success and fulfillment regardless of their sport, because the methods for developing the mindset of a champion are universal. He uses unique, dynamic, action-oriented approaches to inspire athletes towards elite results in a short period of time.

John acquired his extensive knowledge of peak performance and mental training principles through intensive study, long-term practice, and broad personal experience. Whether it’s preparing an athlete for the intensity of combat sports, or to maintain their elite focus on the golf course, the principles of peak mental training are the same:

  • Former 'Forces 50 Elite' marksman and shooting coach for the Canadian Infantry;

  • Former 2 x Kickboxing World Champion in the WPKA and WKA divisions;

  • Coach - Canadian National Kickboxing team;

  • Coach - Mental training coach for athletes of all sports


"My job is not to motivate people, but rather to activate them. Motivation alone is often overrated, and will burn out quickly unless there is a stronger, broader foundation to draw from. It's vital to take action, get the ball rolling, and keep it can’t just think it, you have to do it!"

Join the movement...become a Peak Performer!



"Prior to this, I was a true skeptic and hard-core cynic of these types of 'personal improvement' seminars.  Since engaging in the MindWorks seminar I have identified, proceeded toward, and blown away life goals that I thought were only dreams.  The performance management framework focuses your thinking around personal goals and then gives you the necessary tools to move towards them at a lightning pace.  The wonderful dilemma this experience has delivered is the need to now set new and loftier goals." - Read Sandy's full story

Sandy Pembroke - World Kickboxing Champion