Before Every Champion Possesses the Knowledge that they are the Best...They Need to Believe it!

Develop the Mindset of a Champion

Every top level athlete is at the absolute best of their physical capability. They can go faster for longer and apply more strength with more skill than the athlete who sits even just 1 tier below them...but that won’t make them a champion.

Taking the final step to the level of a Champion takes something unique, it takes the mindset to win! A Champion’s mental performance allows them to utilize all his/her assets in unison to maximize their potential. The mind drives the body and coordinates all the skills and elements of performance to get to the ultimate goal...peak performance!

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Between mental and physical training, physical training is easier and more attractive. Speed, agility and strength can be measured. Your mental performance can’t be seen in a mirror, but it’s what separates champions from participants.

Athletic MindWorks has been helping participants become champions for over 2 decades. From Golf Pros to Boxing’s Heavyweights, we help develop an athlete’s mental peak performance based on the specific needs and personalities of those we work with.



"MindWorks has helped me achieve my main goal, to be a winner.  The training gave me the ability to self-calm and focus, enabling my inner champion to come forward and  win.  Working with MindWorks, I recently won two out of three professional tournaments, including my first professional win ever.  Once you apply the MindWorks methods, be prepared for a life altering experience, their knowledge is power." - Read Roger's story

Roger Beale - Golf Professional