"Prior to this, I was a true skeptic and hard-core cynic of these types of 'personal improvement' seminars.  Since engaging in the MindWorks seminar I have identified, proceeded toward, and blown away life goals that I thought were only dreams.  The performance management framework focuses your thinking around personal goals and then gives you the necessary tools to move towards them at a lightning pace.  The wonderful dilemma this experience has delivered is the need to now set new and loftier goals." - Read Sandy's full story

Sandy Pembroke - World Kickboxing Champion


"MindWorks has helped me achieve my main goal, to be a winner.  The training gave me the ability to self-calm and focus, enabling my inner champion to come forward and  win.  Working with MindWorks, I recently won two out of three professional tournaments, including my first professional win ever.  Once you apply the MindWorks methods, be prepared for a life altering experience, their knowledge is power." - Read Roger's story

Roger Beale - Golf Professional